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What Is The Difference Between A Drone UAV And UAS

Individual Drone Industries

Discover the uses of recreational, commercial, industrial, educational, and institutional drones.

Drone Training & Laws

Become a drone professional. Take a course and get your drone pilot licence. Learn about drone laws and safety.

Diagram showing how airfoils work

Drone Anatomy & Functions

Find out the different types of drones you can buy, how they’re made, how they function, their materials, and more.

Aurélien Corona

Aurélien Corona
Editor In Chief

Hi! My name is Aurélien and I am the author of The Corona Wire. I was born in Paris, France and I am currently 19 years old. I created this website to spread my love for and knowledge of drones to help benefit those who fly as a hobby, those who fly professionally, or those simply interested in this awesome technology. Feel free to look around!

My passion for drones started when I was much younger. I used to get those cheap $100 dollar helicopters for Christmas or for my birthday and I loved them. However, since I was much younger I always crashed and in most cases completely destroyed them! I loved how I could use a remote control and fly a small plastic toy and I always wanted to learn how they worked.

I obviously just kept flying and destroying them one after the other at the expense of my family. Here I am years later dedicating my time to writing about this fascinating and evolving technology that is shaping many industries today.

I find it incredible that so many industries have found new ways to use drones and I love seeing the projects large organizations are planning that utilize drone technology.

I have learnt a lot about drones but I definitely do not know it all! I am constantly learning and sharing that knowledge with you in the easiest, most straightforward and digestible way so that you fully understand the topic you are learning about.

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